Tom’s Bio

Tom Ferda is a Los Angeles based film/TV producer who is the EVP of Production & Development at Flying Ape Productions. His recent credits include Producer/Writer of Wrestling Hollywood reality TV pilot and Commercial Producer for several major brands including Verizon FiOS, Kellogg’s, Nabisco, Norelco and Colgate-Palmolive. (Producer Demo Reel on Vimeo HERE).

When not wearing his production hat, Tom is knocking on doors pitching his comedy screenplays (HOSE DRAGGERS and THE HEMP PALACE), his horror TV pilots (VOODOO and CANIBALES) or inking entertainment features.

Tom Ferda headshot

Several of his features, including World War Z The Secret to Iron Man 3’s Success The Wolfpack Returns for an Epic Finish and 42 were published in Film Trailers Magazine while Django – The ‘D’ May Be Silent But Critics Aren’t and The Sessions Lone Wolf Enters Oscars made their way onto the pages of LA Splash Magazine.

Prior to jumping into the shark pit of Hollywood, Tom lived on the East Coast and worked as a sportswriter, writing features  for the NBA Atlanta Hawks, NHL Atlanta Thrashers and various U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines.

After the Thrashers permanently flew north to Winnipeg, he relocated to Los Angeles, settling into a downtown condo taking in the energy of urban life on the West Coast.

His production/writing trek started in Florida when after a 12-year stint as a firefighter/paramedic he grew tired of running into burning buildings while the sane people were running out. Inspired to do something he loved, he divorced his fire rescue career and opened an office at UniversalStudios where he launched his writing career, selling spec scripts.

A former sports columnist for The Examiner and current member of Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA), NHL Media and National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association (NSSA), Tom has interviewed a long list of NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB players and execs including NHL icon Scotty Bowman, MLB great Brian McCann and NBA slam-dunk phenom Spud Webb.

Publications that featured his material include The New York Daily News, Washington Times, Detroit Free Press, The Hockey News (Toronto), The Examiner, Men’s Book, Hawks 360 Magazine, La Semaine (Montreal) and Modern Luxury Magazine.

Loves comedy flicks, sports, import draft beer and is known to be a pizza and java connoisseur. If you see him on the streets, stop and say hello, he’s known to talk to strangers.
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